Thursday, August 09, 2012

Detroit Institute of Arts millage passes

I love the Detroit Institute of Arts. In a city that has a bad reputation around the nation, the DIA stands out and shows the spirit and beauty that Detroit still has. It's no secret that Detroit has had a lot of problems in recent years, but seeing institutions like the DIA still welcoming anyone who wants to come makes me smile. And, frankly, the DIA is one hell of a museum. It's an absolutely beautiful building and it's full of some really amazing pieces, including the Detroit Industry murals around the Rivera Court--

In recent years, the bad economy has taken a toll on the DIA; they've lost a lot of corporate sponsorship and all of their state funding. Thankfully, the people of Detroit and the surrounding communities recognized the great boon that the DIA is to the city, and passed a millage that will provide money to keep the museum open.

Glad to see it get the support it needs.


J said...

I voted to keep it! Too beautiful not to!

scott davidson said...

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