Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I think that this counts as bad credit...

The criticisms of Subway's newest commercial reminded me of another commercial that I saw recently that I found pretty egregious, too. Have you seen the commercials for Free Credit Check (dot com, of course)? The first one involves a guy singing about how he dresses as a pirate at a crappy restaurant, because, I assume, it's the only job he can get now that he has bad credit or something... the connection between working as a singing pirate and having bad credit isn't really explained, but, I have to admit, I always end up singing along with the commercial. Well, be that as it may, they have a new commercial that I absolutely hate.

And so I will share. Because I'm cool like that.

So he married his dream girl and it turned out that she had bad credit. Okay, that happens. I can understand wanting to know before you get married "uh, say, how is your credit, just so that we can plan for the future a bit", but, the moral of the story is that he wishes he'd checked her credit, because if he had, he'd have dumped her and he'd be happier because he could have his own home and a dog?

Wow. That's a strong love they share, yeah?

What's stopping him from buying a house if his credit is good? Also, she's the only one I see actually doing work in the commercial. She's cleaning and doing laundry while he hangs out with his friends singing a song about how he wishes he'd dumped her before they got married. Yeah. That's cool.


L said...

I absolutely hate that commercial, and the others from that company. The thing about the pirate one that makes me crazy is that it's basically blaming the victim of identity-theft: if only he'd checked his credit with a report from that company, he would have seen that someone had stolen his identity and he wouldn't have gone into such terrible debt. It doesn't matter that he didn't ask the thief to steal his credit cards. It just matters that he didn't know it happened.

As for the marriage commercial, I was so annoyed by his whining that I didn't even notice the traditional gender roles they're both fulfilling. Gah, how frustrating. He has some reason to complain: according to this website, a spouse's poor credit score can make it difficult to get good mortgage rates when buying a house. But yeah, they should have had that talk before they got married, and if he hates her bad credit score so much and regrets his decision so terribly, he should just divorce her.

Kristen said...

I hate this commercial. Between this and Every Kiss Begins with Kay, I almost had daily aneurysms this most recent holiday season. And screw him divorcing her....if my husband said something like that while I was doing his goddamn laundry, I'd dump his drawers on the lawn on my way to file for divorce. PS. On the way home I would be dropping by the sheriff's office to have his tuchas evicted.

projektleiterin said...

I think he is just being passive-aggressive. Instead of complaining what a money-grubbing golddigger she is like a genuinely open and nice guy would have done he resorts to blaming her for her bad credit history. By dumping her he would have shown more spine though than the whiners, who still stick with the golddigger. Maybe he's not that bad and just a regular asshole?

Pai said...

If he divorced her, he'll stop getting free sex and his chores done for him anymore!

Which is, of course, the main reason men marry at all, if you listen to some people. =P

smurasaki said...

You hit on exactly why I hate that commercial as well. None of their commercials make anything resembling sense, but that one is offensive almost beyond words.