Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A quiet return...

According to this thing, it's apparently been about two and a half years since I put anything up. That's a long time. Lots of things have changed in my life in that time, including my relationship with the blogosphere (and the internet at large), but I've been dipping my toes back in a little bit here and there, and anyone who knows me knows that I can't shut up for long. I'm guessing my posting won't be anything close to daily, but I think I can manage more than once every two to three years. I like to set realistic goals, ha.

It's worth noting (to me, at least) that I finished an MLS during the gap, so a lot of my thinking has sort of shifted towards the communities I serve and about the ways that libraries can/should serve those communities. Working in a library is the perfect combination of my interests and passions, and I feel very lucky for that.

So, in the meantime:
what did I miss? What blogs ought I be reading? What's the best damn thing you've read so far this year?


Mrs. Chili said...

HEY! You popped up on my reader, so here I am! Welcome back!

Oy! There's been a LOT going on; I don't know where to start!

I DO have a reading suggestion, though. You should probably start following The Thinking Viking ( He's my newest blog love

Mark said...

I went through my RSS reader the other day and removed a bunch of feeds that hadn't been active for a while, but I kept this one in there just in case... and I'm glad I did!

I can think of a couple blogs you might like:p

As for the best thing I've read this year... that's a tough one. I've spent the past year or so ripping through Lois McMaster Bujold's science fiction series, and it really hit a stride at the beginning of this year (the book Memory was particularly good)... but I'm not sure if it would work as well as a standalone.

Roy said...

Thanks, Mrs. Chili! I'll definitely check it out!

Hi Mark, I'm glad you did, too. I actually just went through my list of frequently read blogs, and it was really disheartening to see how many were defunct. I haven't commented in a while, but I still check kaedrin. I'm always interested in what you've been watching, since I've gotten a lot of good recommendations from you, haha!

Kristen j. said...

Ahhhhh! This is why I never straighten my blog list! Welcome back. Little has changed in the social justice blogosphere except that we're all older. Congrats on your new degree.