Monday, October 01, 2012

Remember Me

So, Capcom has a new game coming out, I guess? So their Facebook advertisement tells me.
It's called Remember Me. No, not that one, but this one. I don't see any punctuation in the title, so I guess it's a command.

It would be easier to remember her if something other than her butt was the focus of the ad, though. The funny (sad) thing is that there's actually a lot of other things happening there that would probably be of interest to me as a person who plays games. First of all, she's got some kind of wacky robot arm thing going on... I'm a sucker for cyborgs, so maybe, Capcom, you could have made that the focus?

There are a number of other pictures on their page that show a gritty dystopian landscape with a very Bladerunner-esque vibe, and heavily armored guards straight out of Batman Beyond. Why not go with some of that stuff?

But, no, instead you go with exactly the same pose that Emily Asher-Perrin was complaining about over at

I'm not actually surprised or anything. It's just... not only is the sexism of this kind of advertising stupid and pandering... it's boring. There's nothing interesting happening in that advert, despite the fact that the rest of the images they have suggest some kind of action oriented gameplay. You don't need to "sex it up" to sell it.


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