Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Intersection of Art and Feminism... and T-Shirts...

I'm playing catch-up today. I've been meaning to drop a couple of links for some time, now, and I keep forgetting.

No more!

I discovered The Feminist Art Project a little while ago, and I've been wanting to drop a link to their site, because I absolutely love their mission:
The Feminist Art Project is a collaborative national initiative celebrating the Feminist Art Movement and the aesthetic, intellectual and political impact of women on the visual arts, art history, and art practice, past and present. The project is a strategic intervention against the ongoing erasure of women from the cultural record. It promotes diverse feminist art events and publications through its website calendar and facilitates networking and regional program development throughout the U.S.

Sadly, none of the events that they've listed on their calendar are near me, but there's some pretty interesting sounding things going on, and it might be worth checking some of them out if they're near you.

The other thing I keep meaning to do, and I've been sadly remiss in following through on, is to give a shout out to Jaclyn Friedman's t-shirt site. I think that the designs themselves are great, and I love the idea: Take the insults and attacks that feminists are accused of, and take away the sting by mocking it on a t-shirt. From the site:

I started Sticks & Stones Clothing after I published an article in which I briefly mentioned having been sexually assaulted, and was accused by commenters and letter-writers of being a lying, man-hating whore just for having had the nerve to speak about it.

That hurt. Until I made a tshirt out of it so I could wear it proudly. Now, you can, too.

Friedman's goal is to "Claim or subvert a current insult used by wingnuts" and make t-shirts that "can't be worn un-politically." Take a look at some of the designs, and if you've got an idea for one, she encourages you to send the idea to sticksandstones at If she uses it, you get a free shirt.

Also, you can check out the logo, which was designed by yours truly.

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Jaclyn said...

Aw. Thanks for the shout-out -- and the swell logo! They're starting to sell...