Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Wednesday Mini Link-a-Thon...

Things are a little busy around here, but a few links that I found interesting today:

-News Flash! Althouse responds scathingly to the bloggers who pointed out how ridiculous and stupid a Freudian analysis that turns onion rings into vaginas was by calling them stupid-heads and poopy-faces.

-In related news: The rest of the blogosphere lets out a collective yawn in the face of her completely unsurprising lack of maturity and her assinine behavior.

-Over at feministe, piny points out that there are still assholes who think you get a gold star for being minimally decent. I know it's hard to believe, people, but you don't get credit for not attacking people while they sleep.

-Belledame discovers what a lot of us from Michigan already knew: Dr. Kevorkian is creepy as hell, and his actions raise a lot of eyebrows. The analysis of his victims is eye-opening.

-Jenny Dreadful takes an anti-pot ad to task. I haven't seen the stupid ad, yet, but I have to admit that it sounds a hell of a lot better than the "If you get high someone will rape you" or "If you get high you'll shoot your best friend in the face" ads from a few years back. Note: Better does not necessarily mean good.


Jaclyn said...

Whoa. I really didn't know that about Kevorkian's (clients? victims?). I'm a supporter of the right to die under certain circumstances, but that's a whole different opportunist, misogynist, ableist ball of wax. Creepy is an understatement.

Jimmycav said...

That's exactly why I've never smoked pot. G has been eyein' the space alien who lives next door for quite some time. He's always knocking on our door, dressed in a smoking jacket and sipping cognac, asking if we have any finely chopped basil.

I wouldn't want to make it any more tempting for her.