Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On Michigan: Glad to know we're not just economically screwed...

Michigan, in case you're unaware... well... it's not doing so good. Our economy is weak: the auto industry is suffering, something like 1 in 30 homes have gone into foreclosure in the last six months, and unemployment is like twice the national average. Detroit is trying to undergo a major rebirth, but much of the nation is unaware of the series of improvements that have been made.

So, you know, Michigan is hurting, and our population is suffering for it. We've also had the misfortune of lots of negative attention because of the corruption and graft in Detroit, and people who are generally unhappy with the state's leadership.

So, you know, it sort of sucks to have most of the major Democratic candidates back out of the Michigan primary.

I don't give a shit if the leadership of the state is doing something that pisses off the leadership of other states- when you pull out of the primary, you're not hurting the leadership, you're hurting the people, and that sucks.

So, you know, way to send a message to the people of Michigan. Glad to know that I'm going to be able to have a voice in the primary.

On an unrelated, and slightly less bitter note: Sorry for the light posting (again). I'm in the middle of a rotational assignment at work that's increased my workload and made it a little more difficult to find time to blog. I noticed a jump in traffic, and I hope that these new readers will stick around or check back sometimes. Oh, and welcome, new readers!


Cara said...

Oh, I am definitely pissed off about this, but I think that it's for a slightly different reason. I'm furious because the other state that they've threatened to pull out of is Florida. Yes, the Florida, that one that can and has made or broken elections. If they followed through on Michigan, I can't imagine how they can justify not pulling out of Florida. And if Obama and Edwards are stupid enough to do that, I am, for real going to Hillary's side. Because that would make her apparently the only candidate who is concerned about actually being the Republicans.

Speaking of Republicans, did you catch the debate in Detroit last night where all of the candidates went on and on about awesome the economy is doing? It was a treat.

Cara said...

Oh, and isn't Michigan actually a swing state, too?

Crystal said...

That's what I thought Cara, which is one one reason why I'm so astonished about this.

I've never even been to Michigan, but I feel insulted. This move shows that the candidates don't care about their whole potential constituency - only that part they think could put them in power. I hate politics.

Autumn Harvest said...

"Because that would make her apparently the only candidate who is concerned about actually being the Republicans."

Sadly, it looks to me as if all the major Democratic candidates are concerned with being the Republicans. (For example, none of them are willing to commit to pulling our troops out of Iraq by 2012, or seriously concerned by the government's massive illegal wiretapping program.) But I'm not sure what that has to do with the Michigan primary. :)

brandann said...

wow...just when i didn't think my home state could get any worse. it (sort of) makes me glad to be stationed elsewhere...but absentee voting makes it hard to raise a stink there when this shit happens...

i don't know if there is anything the constituents of michigan can do...ya know to make noise?

if there is, and i am looking, would someone tip me off?

Aoi said...

As a fellow Michigander, I can't even begin to explain how angry I am about this.

I know Detroit/Michigan is having some issues (I work for a company that does IT work for VW/Audi and we were all crestfallen to hear the announcement that they were moving to Virginia) with the economy and so forth, but I would think that would make it *better* to campaign here than in Iowa, a state they likely won't win in the general election anyway.

Tanooki Joe said...

I heard about this on the radio. I also heard that none of the Republicans are dropping out of the primary.

Way to go, Democrats.