Friday, November 30, 2007

Breaking News...

A man has taken hostages from a Clinton campaign center in NH.

There's very information about what he wants, or how many hostages he's got. Every time I hear someone complaining about how "savage" people in places like Sudan are, I want to shake them and point at things like this. Bad shit happens everywhere.

I only hope that, whatever else happens, the hostages leave physically unharmed.


projektleiterin said...

Put people in the "right" situation and they will turn into animals. But for clarification, there is a difference between the situation in the States or any Western country and Sudan. Horrible atrocities are being committed on on a daily basis there, not the same as the odd taking of hostages here.

Roy said...

The fact that horrible attrocities are happening more regularly in another country doesn't make the people that live there "savages" though.

There's a difference between the terrible things that happen in different places, and I don't think that recognizing that is a bad thing, but that's not the same as saying that another culture or entire nation of people are savages. When people start talking about other people being savages, they're ignoring that many terrible things that happen here and that have happened here.

Calling non-whites or poor people "savage" has a really ugly history in "civilized" nations, and it always makes me really uncomfortable to hear people throw it around so comfortably.

projektleiterin said...

Your primary comment was, "Bad shit happens everywhere. " and that's where I didn't agree with you. The brutality you find in Dafur is raw savage and widespread, hence the conclusion that Western people draw about about the population there. They don't have the moral justification to believe that they are much better or would act much differently in the same situation, but the shit that is happening there is by no comparison the same shit that is happening there. I think they have the right to feel shocked at the amount of violence, but not the right to call them "savages".