Thursday, November 08, 2007

You've got time for Big Moves...

(via Jaclyn)
Time for a commercial interlude: a little shout out to Big Moves: I've talked about them before, but in case you don't know, they're awesome. This is their first time making a calendar, it's all kinds of amazing. It's thirteen months of full color photographs and bits of wisdom from the Big Moves cast and crew, all put together by the one and only Jaclyn Friedman, and it goes to a great cause- namely, helping fund Big Moves performances so they can keep bringing the best of body positive dance and theater to audiences. If you haven't had a chance to check them out, or if you're a longtime fan, this is a perfect opportunity to show support.

From the press release:

Need a big gift for someone special in your life?

Want to widen your body confidence in 2008?

Look no further: the 2008 Big Moves Wall Calendar has arrived!

Each month of this full-color, 13-month wall calendar features an up-close and personal portrait of a member of the East Coast Big Moves cast & crew like you've never seen them before. Plus, a new quote or quip each month to help you or someone you love get through the tight spots in your year. Click here to see a sample for yourself.

Plus -- every calendar you buy is a big support to Big Moves 2008 touring productions, spreading body-positive performance on thick from Montreal to Philadelphia!

Click here to buy yours TODAY!

Orders received by December 16 for delivery in the continental US will be mailed by December 17, and should be received in time for Christmas wrapping (but we cannot make guarantees for USPS deliveries). Please contact us at admin(at)bigmoves(dot)org for international or expedited shipping options. Order now for fastest delivery!


Jaclyn said...

Aw. Thanks, Roy! I may be a little biased, having photographed and designed the whole thing, but this really is a gorgeous calendar -- the low-res versions in that slideshow don't do it justice.

If there's anything anyone reading can do to help us spread the word, we'd be so grateful -- this is one of our big fundraisers for next year, and as a grassroots, volunteer run organization that runs on the proverbial threadbare shoestring, every dollar really counts. And you need a calendar anyhow, don't you?

roses said...

That's great! I'm definately getting one. And I emailed Kate Harding at Shapely Prose about it, hopefully she'll able to spread the word a little =)

Cara said...

This is cool. I'll have to remember this come gifting time.