Friday, April 25, 2008

Double-you tee eff, huff-po?

Why, precisely, do I give a rat's ass about whether or not Miley Cyrus is flashing her bra?

Also, why does the headline state this as fact, when the first line of the damn article makes it clear that, well, it's not clear that they're of Miley at all?

Outside of giving readers an opportunity to post such enlightened comments as "I hope she starts doing porn as soon as she turns 18." and "Disney produces a lot of whores", what, exactly, is the point of running with this non-story? I guess it gives some people the opportunity to defend Miley's apparently maligned integrity by pointing out "I don't know who this little slut-wanna-be IS but it's definately NOT Miley! She only vaguely resembles her.
Shame on you for insinuating it is to fool people and slander that sweet wholesome girl (the REAL Miley)."

Which brings me to another point... who fucking cares if it is Miley?!

They're pictures of a young girl with her *gasp* stomach showing! Or of her *swoon*, exposing part of her bra! Are we supposed to labor under the idiotic and repeated disproven notion that teenagers don't explore their sexuality? Are we supposed to continue plugging our ears and covering our eyes and singing that tired tune "Good girls don't do that!"?

Thank the gods that there are articles about important things like Julianne Moore's sheer top, FHM's "sexiest woman in the world" award, and the always progressive "guess who's wearing this bikini" game to distract me. There's just not enough coverage of women's bodies and sex and slut-shaming in the popular culture. So, to that end, thank you Huff-Po.

Very progressive, indeed.


Anonymous said...

I don't consider HuffPo progressive. They don't pay their contributors and they pass on gossip - political or not - with as much glee as Perez Hilton. Arianna Huffington herself is a liberal capitalist opportunist. So I expect some "mission creep" in the future.

Demexii said...

1) It is miley.
2) Parents don't want their daughters looking up to someone who is more than willing to flash her bra to a boy or camera.

Roy said...

1. And you know this... how? Has she admitted that it's her? Were you there?
2. She's a teenage girl. If parents are living under the misapprehension that their daughters don't flirt and/or explore their sexuality through something as innocuous and innocent as showing the top of a bra, they're suffering some severe delusions.

Further- if it weren't for publications like this, most people would never know about stuff like this. It's people's fascination with policing the sexuality of girls and women that make stories like this a big deal.

Anne said...

I love that you wrote about this. I'm sick to death of hearing stories about women being *gasp* sexual and how's so bad.

Children shouldn't know about stuff like this. Why? Because it's being posted on ADULT forums (websites, blogs, news, etc) that children aren't going to read or shouldn't read (like Perez Hilton).

You're not going to find those pics or references to them on Disney websites. If children find out about this it's because parents aren't monitoring what their children are watching or they're telling their children.

I don't give a crap what some actress does in her private life and I'm not going to tell my children about it if they like the person's character in a tv show. If Miley Cyrus sleeps with a million guys it doesn't make her a bad person and it doesn't mean we should keep our children away from her at all costs. That's ridiculous! I'm sick of women being judged or deemed "bad influences" because of their sexuality.
Men aren't judged for it. A man could sleep with hundreds of women, like Wilt Chamberlain, and you won't hear parents clamoring "I don't want my son looking up to him as a role model! He's a whore/slut/horrible/out of control person." Only women are policed and judged.

Anna said...

Anyone see this?

I know that Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana is really tame by Britney-standards - but she's still sold as a product by adults. I'm not shocked that she, or any other young girl, would choose to take photos like those when it's so abundantly clear that the combo of good looks and envelope-pushing antics get you attention, and sometimes, praise.

wiggles said...

I. Love. You.

I think Ariana Huffington is kind of interesting sometimes, and I used to subscribe to her pre-HuffPo newsletter, but I could never stand that damn blog. KOS either. And I always thought Keith Olbermann was way overrated. I might start thinking the same of Jon Stewart if TDS doesn't get more than one damn female correspondent here pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

A girl who may or may not be Miley Cyrus flashed her bra? AT A CAMERA?

Burning her at the stake is clearly the only solution. You get the firewood, I'll get the gasoline, etc.

Kristen said...

*sigh* we are so obsessed with children and sexuality. It totally creeps me out. Children are people. Not completely formed and in need of additional protection from their own inability to understand the world around them and assess risk properly, but still people.

I think this whole innocence kick is just the fetishization (is that a word?) of virginity. But I'm sure others have raised that same point elsewhere. Only better and with real words.