Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Phallus Fun...

This reads like a joke- I mean, they're "looking to have a firm grip on Government spend"? "They're going to get more column inches"?

And, while they're a real org, that's not the logo on the homepage.

So, my general feeling is that it's a joke (insert pun about "yanking our chain" or "pulling our leg" if you must), but, I have to admit, I giggled. Yes, it's fifth grade penis humor, but it's also fifth grade penis humor done with fonts.

And fonts are fun.

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gnaddrig said...

Well, fifth grade humor it may be, but a much better way of misusing fonts than ASCII porn ever was. At least you need a certain minimum of wit to come up with this sort of graphic spelling.

Fonts are fun indeed.