Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm *Not* Trying to Take Your Toys Away...

You know what I'm really tired of?

It seems like any time a feminist critiques some sexist potrayal of women in movies/books/comics/videogames, there's someone who feels personally slighted by that. They get very defensive about it, and say things like "Well, some women are like that!" or they talk about having rights.

The impression I get is that these people are confused about the nature of the criticism. There's this undercurrent of: You're trying to take away my toys.

It's like they're worried that failure to defend the sexist portrayal of women in Soul Calibur will result in Soul Calibur being banned. Which, I admit, would bum me out, too. I love Soul Calibur. The gameplay is awesome. The character designs blow.

So, just a generally announcement: Generally speaking, when feminists criticize something, we're not trying to take your toys away, we're trying to change the way you play with them. I don't want to ban videogames. I love videogames. What I'd like is for videogames to quite hypersexualizing women characters, and to see a more reasonable distribution of character types for female players.

Stop acting like we're trying to ruin your fun.


Cara said...

The problem is that for some of the assholes who throw these temper tantrums, it seems that the sexism and misogyny is part of the fun.

Roy said...

Okay, that's true.

For those people: We are trying to ruin your fun.

Cara said...