Friday, July 27, 2007

Well... This *is* Awkward, isn't it?

For some reason, pages don't load for me anymore.

One wonders if this is a problem because my employer made it one, or if there's something else at play.

I suspect the former.

Point being: if I make a post and it looks funny, feel free to let me know, because I can no longer see the results while I'm still at work.

Also, it's Friday again, so if there were any questions you had for me or topics you were interested in chatting about, feel free to throw them here. Reader Participation is a good thing!


Cara said...

Uh oh-- is someone in trouble with the boss?

Stupendousness said...

My company cracked down hard on all sorts of internet activities. I can't view any web-based email, most images (except for annoying ads!), videos, and many websites. For instance, lots of links I find through feminist sites are blocked because they're categorized as "sex education."

The only reason my company doesn't block the internet completely is because most employees need it for research and maps.

They've also greatly increased security in the building. I'm surprised we haven't been assigned bathroom buddies.