Friday, July 20, 2007

A Notice, and a Book Review...

Posting will probably be light (read: non-existent) until Tuesday- I'm attending some Harry Potter festivities today, and then I'll be visiting with family over the weekend, so I'm unlikely to get much by way of blogging done.

Thanks to Jaclyn for forwarding me to one of the funniest book reviews I've ever seen. It's pretty damned funny. Also, sort of true, and I'd never really looked at the book in that light.

Hope everyone has a great weekend- Oh, and Natalie: I haven't forgotten your request for my views on the candidates, by the way. I feel woefully underinformed on them right now, and I've been trying to study up... My general feeling is that none of them are liberal enough, or, at the very least, none of them seem willing to take strong stances on the issues that matter to me. I'm tired of candidates who pitch "to the middle" when what they really mean is that they're pitching to the people on the left side of the right. I want candidates who're going to take strong stances on women's rights, gay rights, and on liberal social policies, and, right now, I don't feel like they're doing it. I've generally been leaning towards Edwards, but it's not really a tremendously enthusiastic support on my part. More as I get a stronger sense of positions, though.


Stupendousness said...

That "You googled *what* to find me?" feature is disturbing.

But at least you're reaching out to a wide variety of people.

I'm very excited about the 7th HP book because pretty much every article or interview of a person who has read it early says it's the best out of the series.

Roy said...

I find it really weird- some of the searches that people find my page through make sense, but some of them are really out of left field.

I shouldn't be anywhere near the top on a search for Ruthless Terrorist Organization, and I sure as hell shouldn't be the number 1 search for pregnant woman doin pron. But, there it is.

I may open a HP7 thread over at 79Soul, because I'm eager to discuss the book every chance I get.

Bach-us said...

You're about fifth on a search for ruthless terrorist organization because of your post on G.I. Joe and Cobra action figures.