Monday, September 10, 2007

At Some Point, the Message Will Sink In...

This post by Cara is right on.

I don't care what size she is, calling her "fat" is not an acceptable critique of her performance. The performance may have sucked (I haven't watched it), but calling her out because she's not a size zero anymore isn't criticism, it's insulting.

And, as Cara points out, it's got pretty far reaching implications.

If Britney Spears is "fat" now, what does that say about any woman who is bigger or less "fit" than she is? I know, I know- she's a celeb, so it's different, right? It's okay to slam her for putting on weight.


A few of the commentors on some of the sites I visit have pointed out that she's had kids, and is getting older, etc. as reasons why she's put on some weight, and that those are reasons why it's not okay to fat shame her, but you know... I don't give a damn what she's doing. I don't care if she's had ten kids, or none. I'm totally with FemStar on this one...

It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter, because her size doesn't have a damn thing to do with whether her performance was great or not. I've for damn sure seen artists that were easily twice her size performing, and doing a damned good job entertaining me.

Have I mentioned? I'm really tired people using "you're fat" as a weapon.


Cara said...

Thanks Roy. You know, I was actually bracing myself for some moaning and groaning about the fact that I wrote about Britney Spears at all. I was also expecting to get lots of shit from people arguing that she IS fat, and it IS okay to judge her by her weight and the stupid bitch deserves it anyway, blahblahblahblahblah. SO far, though, the response seems really positive, and I'm glad for that.

roses said...

Word. She's not fat (I could only wish to look like that, especially after two children!), and even if she was, what does that have to do with her performance?

Also, I'm with Cara when it comes to the way people are revelling in her meltdown. The way we build celebrities up in this culture just to gleefully tear them down is so fucking disgusting.

brandann said...

great site! show em how michigan rolls! (from the U.P. here, currently stationed in hawaii)


judging someone on size for any reason is unacceptable!

yes, bad performance. you are right, and shame on me for saying "she looks great!" and "but she's had two kids", which i think has actually made her look more mature, less like a child...but it really DOESN'T MATTER what she looks like!!! i guess when i say things like that i mean that people should BACK THE FUCK OFF of what people look like!

thank-you for pointing out...again...that sometimes we are thoughtless w/ even the most well intentioned words...

Elaine Vigneault said...

I agree. Good post.