Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In Praise of Judge Shalina Kumar

After reading a story about someone admitting to wrong-doing getting away with it, it's good to see a local story about an abusive monster getting a real setence.

48-year-old William Pattison was convicted of four counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of pandering for sexually abusing his daughter, starting when she was only a child, and pushing her into prostitution by not allowing her to see her own child unless she complied with his demands.

All of this, and the man was a corrections officer.

The judge in the case- Oakland Circuit Judge Shalina Kumar- sentenced Pattison yesterday, to 40-60 years- despite sentencing guidelines calling for a minimum sentence of only 10-15 years. The judge said that the guidelines failed to account for various elements of the case, like his position of power.

Pattison still faces charges for allegedly abusing another relative, and the woman with whom he had another child.

Judge Kumar also setenced a Cleveland man, Timothy Jeffrey, to 25-40 years yesterday, for the kidnapping and molestation of an 8-year-old girl.

And, back in November, she ruled against Kid Rock, asking "What's special about him? Why does he get to violate a court's order?" She then entered a default against him in another complaint seeking damages.

In a time when I keep seeing report after report of judges dismissing or under-sentencing serious offenses, it's good to see a judge that appears to give these crimes the serious sentences they deserve.


Moody said...

Here Here! Shalina is my new hero.

Sarah said...

W00t! It's about time we hear some good news about a judge.

You've Got To Be Kidding Me said...
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Anonymous said...

What about the drunk drivers she lets skate? Do your research.

Roy said...

What about them?
If you have a particular case that you think she judged egregiously, I'm happy to take it into account, but I found three cases of her making judgements that I thought were pretty awesome. I'd be very much surprised to find that I agreed with all of her judgements, but, then, I don't expect perfection.

I do find it annoying, however, when people breeze through anonymously and post vaguely insulting comments without backing their own statements up. I linked to the research about the judgements I liked. Where are links to the judgements you didn't?

Anonymous said...

Today former Shelby Township Police Officer David Essad is before Judge Kumar on charges of beating his wife and pulling a gun on her.

His wife Julie Essad suffered a closed head injury, a broken nose, had her ear bit at his hands man.

To make matters worse David Essad knows better as he was Shelby Township PDs primary "Use of Force" Instructor and Firearms Instructor.

His first preliminary exam was adjourned. Hopefully Judge Kumar will keep this case moving forward in the judicial arena.

If found guilty in the Circuit Court I think Judge Kumar should come down hard on this sorry excuse for a man.

Anonymous said...

Judge Kumar might be tough on citizens, but she is a cupcake to her friends.
She gave David Essad probation and possible clean record after he used his police issued weapon in an assult on his wife. threatening to kill his wife and almost succeeding. Here is a copy of another post:::

One has to say Kumars decision really makes a lot of sense when one looks at the conditions of his probation, which will allow him to escape any punitive action on the part of the Government.

When one looks at the probation standards Judge Kumar set forth its shocks the conscience:

Allowed to possess weapons in the course of employment.

Not allowed to possess weapons on his personal time.

Required to have Mental Health Counseling
** Nothing like a nut carrying a gun**

No Assaultive or threatening behavior on his personal time.

Threatening or Assaultive behavior in the course of Employment-OK
**What about his judgement in using force?**

No drugs unless under a prescription.
***Wonder if he will take his pill every day***

No alcohol in his possession.

Not allowed to enter any establishment that is licensed to sell alcohol.

While Judge Kumar went along with the plea, her judgement in terms of probationary terms leaves much to be desired.

I wonder if any conflicts of interest are involved on her part.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Cop, oops now ex cop David Essad she gave an Under Advisement Plea to two counts of Aggravated Domestic Violence.

David Essad screwed up again and is now to appear before Judge Kumar for a Violation of Probation hearing at 1:30P.M. on September 2nd, 2009.

David Esssad has also filed for Divorce against his too forgiving a tactical matter perhaps?

If ever there was a guy who deserved harsh treatment by the legal system it is David Essad. He was known as a hard nosed, heavy handed cop in Shelby Township by many. Unlike the children he dealt with as a Youth Officer,He knew better. As a Martial Arts Expert, Firearms Instructor and Tactical Officer he was sworn to enforce the law and understood the law.

Judge Kumar should sentence this violent criminal, rotten husband and poor excuse for a man to lengthy stay in jail or even prison. Not only because he deserves it, but to protect society and demonstrate that people like him are not above the law.

If Essad is not jailed, he just might kill someone.

It is also my understand the standard for probation violation is a preponderance of evidence.

Domestic Violence Organizations and Womens groups are aware of this mans deeds and will monitor the outcome of this hearing.

Anonymous said...

David Essads probation violation hearing date has changed once again.

Per the Oakland Count Circuit Court Index register of actions, his hearing date has changed from 9/2/2009 to December 2, 2009 at 1:30 PM.

So much for the concern over Public Saftey! This is outrageous!

Anonymous said...

It would be better just to give Essad the death penalty for his crimes

Anonymous said...

I think its interesting that admitted wife beater and former Police officer David Essads Violation of Probation hearing was once again rescheduled to March 2, 2010 at 10:30.

In the original incident David Essad almost murdered his wife.

Questions remain as to whether this wife beating ex cop will be held to the same standard by Judge Kumar as that of other violent offenders.

If not someone should establish a website to document her handling of this case.

Anonymous said...

I personnally have been before Judge Kumar as a defendant and although one could argue the pros and cons of any one of her judgements.....I can say that you will be hard pressed to find a judge that understands his/her role and responsibilities better. She doesnt allow the prosecution OR defense to manipulate the law nor play legal word games in matters where someones life and future are at stake. For that alone....Thank you Judge Kumar for standing up for true justice! And just for the record....She gave me jail not saying this because she let me off or anything of that nature.

Anonymous said...

Judge Kumar would be a good replacement for Christina Perez on Justice for All, she looks the part of a photogenic Judge. However, she has given far too many chances to a local drug-addicted prostitute by the name of Adrianne Michelle Jones, who has continually failed to show up for multiple court appearances, immediately violated her probation by not showing, and after being given a chance at drug rehab, left the Oakdale facility within 2 days of getting there, with yet another warrant out for her arrest. Searches of the internet show that she has failed to appear for theft charges in Orlando and for street prostitution and trespassing charges in Detroit. So, why keep giving her chances? Looking at her on-line mugshots, clearly a drug user, so she should be locked up for a year or more and get clean and show her as well that the law is the law and that Judges mean what they say, not to be laughed at within the confines of the crackhouse.