Friday, February 22, 2008

Make Sure You Get That Sex-Work Slam In...

Jill just posted about the murder of a gender non-conforming teen. Simmie Williams is being described by most articles as "cross dressing" or as "a male teen dressed as a woman".

A kid is dead.

Thank gods that the Miami Herald is there to point out that he was "shot in a Fort Lauderdale neighborhood known for transvestite prostitution".

Wouldn't want people to be too sympathetic, now, would we?


Anonymous said...

Alternately, Maude forbid anyone should suggest that working as a prostitute, or being mistaken for a prostitute, could be dangerous.

Roy said...

You show me the cultural or social meme that suggest anything *but* that working on the streets as a prostitute might be dangerous.

Nothing in the Herald's coverage at the time I read it was suggesting that they were seeking to warn their readers "hey, if you're out there working the streets, you should know that it's potentially dangerous!"