Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why I hate David and Goliath...

I know I'm behind.

Aside from the fact that the owner of David and Goliath T-shirts is a thieving bastard *ahem* alledgedly inappropriately appropriated another artist's achievements, they've got a ton of sexist, homophobic, and racist shirts on their site. Woo, trifecta.

At least they got their banner right "We make stupid stuff so you don't have to".

Yes. Yes you do.

Let's see, there's the Miso Hor Ni and "Chinese" secret shirts. Or maybe you like fruit? Some conflating of cross-dressing with homosexuality, as well as reinforcing the same tired cliches about gay men on their your boyfriend is gay shirt. The statuatory rape is funny shirt. And pedophilia is twice as funny. Oh, and prison rape, too. Nothing like a little black stereotyping to get a laugh. That and domestic assault. Fat shaming. Mocking and endorsing eating disorders.

The list goes on and on.
And their response to the furor over the shirt just reinforces their classy image


J said...

Why did this just show up for me today...when it is dated February 29th?

Anyway..perhaps you should change your masthead. I do believe the age is incorrect now, you old man!

Virago said...

This site reminds me of 'T Shirt Hell', which also sells t-shirts to people who believe that buying one of these shirts makes them funny, when in fact all it makes them is an idiot.

krafty said...

I remember when you first made me aware of the whole David and GOliath debacle awhile back (at least, I think it was something you wrote). I remember checking out the site, and unable to decide what was more disgusting...the sheer shittiness of the products they're successfully selling, or the brazen IP thievery that dickhead seems to base his life's work on.