Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Breaking news: Spitzer resigning...

I'm not sure whether to be surprised or not. I guess I'm a little surprised. I mean, it's not like Detroit's mayor has resigned over the dozens of illegal and unethical things he's done. But, then, he didn't make a career out of taking down prostitution rings.

The part that makes me the most sad is that I almost said "I'm glad he's doing the right thing now." What kind of fucked up standards for politicians do we have where resigning after you've engaged in illegal activities- the very activities you made a name fighting- is "the right thing." How about doing the right thing by, I don't know... not engaging in illegal activities in the first place?

Color me annoyed.

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gnaddrig said...

All too often, fire fighters turn out to be arsonists. Of course, they have first hand knowledge of how best to go about it. Sad, really.