Friday, August 17, 2007

Judge Destroys My Faith in Justice... (And Tarnishes My Name)

Found via Angry Asian Man. I really appreciate that he doesn't mince words. I dont' know why, but it's really refreshing to see an analysis end with "That's racist!" Because, you know? It is.

Moving on, though- I have a question. Why is it that so many people named Roy turn out to be jerks? I hadn't met anyone else with my name until I started working in auto-body shops in high school. The two guys I met there were both kind of jerks. And most of the people I've met since then who've shared my name? Asshats. Hell, even the fictional characters named Roy tend to be sort of obnoxious. Seriously, why is it that almost everyone that I share my name with, turns out to be a total asshole?

And now this dipshit is appealing the case. What an ass. I can only hope that the commission that is looking at his request for a 10-year term on the bench denies his request.

Oh, but I love some of the coverage of this. Legal cases involving clothes are funny- he's filing a suit? Heh. Oh, and check out this pun-tastic headline: "Dry Cleaners Cut Plaintiff Some Slack". Heh. That headline still makes me giggle. Get it? Because the whole case is over a pair of pants that needed alterations? Cutting slacks? Brilliant. Oh, and the first line is equally puntastic: "The dry cleaners aren't pressing their case against the Pants Judge." HA! Pressing! Gods, that's comedy gold right there.

Edited 3:52:

I should have made it clearer. Angry Asian Man didn't suggest that this particularly case was racist (and I don't think that it was either). If you read through some of his other posts, you'll see instances of him talking about something and finishing with "That's racist!"

His take on the Roy Pearson story is here.


baby221 said...

Well, the leader of the Order of the Stick is named Roy, and he's a pretty good guy.

Autumn Harvest said...

I looked at your links, but I don't see any charges of racism? I know that the dry cleaners are Asian immigrants (Korean?), and that the other Roy is an amazing asshole. But I hadn't heard anything that indicated he was an amazing asshole because they were Asian.

Jaclyn said...

The Angry Asian Man link isn't working for me -- just taking me to the top of his site. Can you link to his analysis?

Cara said...

If it helps, pretty much every other person named Cara that I've ever met in my life (10, tops) has been either a bitch or really obnoxious.

Then again, I'm really over-protective of my name, so it might all be in my head.

Stupendousness said...

I like the name Roy. But, it is kind of hard for me to say. I think I get that from my mother, who has a real hard time pronouncing Rs. She's from east Texas, but I don't know if people in that region usually have trouble with R. I do associate the name Roy with rednecks though. I've met plenty of them here in Texas.

Hey Cara, if it's any consolation, I've always liked the name Cara so much that if I have a daughter (through adoption), then that would be her name. Well, unless I did an international adoption and wanted to keep the child's original name. My other favorite female name is Claire.

My real name is Crystal. My brother's name is Christopher. My husband's name is Charles. So I think I must really like the letters C and R.

My name, Crystal, seems to universally be accepted as white-trash*. In fact, all of the other Crystals (and Chrystals, Krystals, and Christols) I've known have been white and very poor. I did in fact grow up as "white-trash," as the term is usually applied to me against my will. My family of five lived in trailer parks or very small, crappy houses and barely above the poverty threshhold. And we're white.

But I'm no longer poor, so I guess I'm breaking the stereotype.

*I actually don't like to use the term white-trash because it's racist against people of color. You never hear "black-trash" or "Latin-trash". Many people probably consider poor people of color as just trash, no need to specify color. So of course white people in poverty have to be set apart with their own term.

But anyway, I'm sad that the Chungs in the suit case (haha!) will go ahead and pay $83,000 in legal bills.

Elaine Vigneault said...

My father's name is Roy. He's not a very nice guy.

Michael said...

I was itching...jumping! to post about Order of the Stick's Roy. If you haven't read it, you should, you'd like it. And there's 8-bit theater if you like that.