Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wow. Just... wow...

I've been the sometimes reader of Natalia Antonova's for a few months now. In her own words:
I’m Ukrainian, but I’m also American, but my first language is Russian, but I live in the Middle East, but I want to settle in Britain eventually (and hopefully not live off noodles and mayonnaise, but, once again, you never know).

How can you not want to read a blog like that?

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. The important thing is a post she made about a Salon interview with the pick-up artist Mystery. Or, more specifically, the comments. There's a comment by a reader named Alex that is, to put it lightly, troubling.

Alex, despite his protests, is absolutely a Nice Guy(tm). His comments go on at great length about how tragic the dating scene is, and he laments that women who date abusive asshole jerks represent "the majority of womanhood" and discusses how he should just give up and become an asshole too, because, you know, then he could get some play.

Read through his comments a bit, and you'll be, I suspect, shocked to find that he considers himself nice. Let me clue you in to something, Alex: you're not very nice. Your comments are abusive, insulting, and offensive. If you're having trouble meeting women, the problem may not be with the women or the people they're choosing to date instead, the problem may just be with you.

Maybe you're radically different offline, but on? You sound like a grade-A asshole. Nice people don't make racist comments like:
Speaking of callous cruelty, why is it so fashionable now for so many non-black women to date or hook up with black guys? Is it really about the real or fictitious 10″ wangs; the fact that they provide the only male recording ‘artists’ now who sound like they have two balls which knock together when they walk; or that women get off on the idea that they’re more likely to curse or hit them? That they’re not safe, unlike Daddy?

See that? That marks you as a racist bigot and an asshole.
Not nice.

Maybe the problem is with your attitude towards people in general? If you really believe that people are "just a bunch of two-legged hyenas trying to get as much cash, sex, status and power, everyone else be damned" I'd imagine that you're not exactly a big bag o' laughs to be around. That kind of attitude shows, and it's not very attractive. In fact, I'd wager that it's a bit of a turn-off.

And your last missive, wherein you take your toys and go home, vowing never to return? Priceless.

Your posts are dripping with anger, resentment, and contempt... why in the world should anyone find that attractive? And, of course, you blame it on the feminists who are embracing "a cult of unfeeling or contemptuous emotional Hardness." Comparing us to the Bolsheviks is a nice touch. Women don't dismiss you so they can date assholes, Alex.

They dismiss you because you're an asshole.


Kate217 said...

He's undoubtedly one of those men who think that absolute physical perfection is a requirement, too. No 9s or below for him!

Michael said...

Good freaking gravy. His argument is "Women like assholes and black dudes. I'm neither an asshole nor a black dude, and you can tell because I really don't LIKE black people, like all nice people should"

Wait...I think I stumbled across some alternate definition of nice. Nice really can mean all sorts of reactionary thing, most usually applied to 'nice (ethnic/religious) girl. Maybe that's what he means for himself.

Natalia said...

You know, I try not to engage people like him, because they thrive on attention.

But perhaps I'm wrong in that.

Though then again, I often don't know what to say. And even when I do say something, the guy, in classic troll-fashion, starts babbling about some semi-related topic. You can't really talk to people like that - because they're pathological narcissists (aside from being sexist and racist, that is) who just try to drag you into their messed-up little world of wounded pride and insecurity.

They're the Underground Man with no artistic or philosophical value. Yuck.